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Rocko's Modern WebSite

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Welcome to one of the few places on the net where you can get info about one of Nickoleden's Greatest show!  Rocko's Modern Life in my opinion is one of the top 3 Nicktoons.  Nickelodeon has DISGRACED them self over the last 3 years or so with horrible shows like The Wild Thornberries, As Told By Ginger, Chalkzone, and don't even get me started with Rugrats.  Now that your sick just hearing these shows youd think there's no way on Earth Nick will ever create a decsent show.  But your wrong they do have a few.  This website is devoted to bringing back a old flame, and the restoration of Rocko's Modern Life!
Tuesday July 19, 2005
I have found a link to a petition to get new episodes of Rocko. 
Monday June 6, 2005
Sorry about the lack of updates on this that I have cable internet I might be able to update more often.
I have been contacted about having a letter drive to petition a new season of Rocko's Modern Life.  The way I see it, if Family Guy gets to come back, why not Rocko!  I havent decided on a date to send the letters; however, if you'd like to help in this effort please email me at  I'd love to hear from those wanting to take part in this.
Sunday July 4, 2004
Ok, so its been awhile since Ive updated my website.  Just to update you with some news, Dish Network has now added NickTOONS to there lineup!  Also Ive heard that other Cable Companies has added NickTOONS to there lineup as well.  Go to and sign the petition to get Rocko's Modern Life on DVD. 
Monday July 28, 2003
Today was the day to send letters for the Rocko's Modern Life "MASSIVE LETTER DRIVE!!", even if we dont get 1 million letters this letter drive has been doing good, as simailr "Letter Drives" have poped up around the web.  Thanks to everyone who helped! 
Saturday July 5, 2003
Happy 227th birthday America!!!
Ive added 2 websites to the links page, and we've made a partnership with Ryan's Rocko's Modern Life Website to help us with Rocko's Modern life MASSIVE LETTER DRIVE!!  Remember we only have a little better than 3 weeks to write one million letters!
Thursday June 26, 2003
I've decided that the day we send the letters will be July 28th.  That gives us one month to right one million letters!  Remember after you write some letters, e-mail me and tell me how many you have wrote since the last time you e-mailed me.  The Address to Nick is under the contact section:
1515 Broadway
New York, NY  10036

After you write your letters put them in a shoe box or something but dont send them untill July 28. 
Also, at the time of writing this, were less than 24 hours from the return of Ren and Stimpy watch at 10 PM on TNN. 
Wednesday June 25, 2003
Today I reveal my master plan!  With support from the people at Nickdisk, Ive decide to go with my plan, "Rocko's MASSIVE LETTER DRIVE!!"  The plan is on a certain day in July, there will be a MASSIVE load of letters delivered to Nick.  The goal is to send 1 Million letters to Nick and they all will arrive on the same day.  I've talked to several people who have at one time or another, send Nick a letter asking: "Bring back Rocko..." or "Bring back Zim...", etc. but no one has attempted to send 1 Million letters and tried to get them to arrive on the same day.  I think that if we do it in July, that would give Nick enough time to put Rocko on the weekday morning daily schedule.  There will be more info later about the date and all that other stuff.  But now you can start to write lettters!    
Tuesday June 24, 2003
Since RockoProject has been placed on yahoo, among other search websites, Ive noticed the hit counter has been rapitly going up.  Ive gotten a few emails from viewers, but Id like to know who all of you are.  I would request you either email me or sign the guestbook.  Thanks!
Friday June 20, 2003
It turned out that RML won last Thursday.  I dont have a clue how that happened, because with about a hour left Rocko was losing 98-2.  Sadly U-Pick is gone for the summer.  If youd ever seen the bad acting on the show and the no talent guest on the show, then your probably not too disappointed.  Well as you can tell by how often Ive post, you can tell Im sorta on a hitaus.  Well tonight Ive found this website on a few major websites. is listed 69th on yahoo and 89th on google.  However its also listed 9th on 

Rocko's Modern Life premired September 18, 1993 and lasted untill November 24, 1996.  With the Technology getting better each and every day you'd think the same would be true for has not.  Some of the shows on Nick today would rank up there on my list as the "Worest Show Ever" list.  With the exception of SpongeBob SquarePants and The Farily Oddparents.  Nick has entered trying times.  Together we can get Rocko back where it should be.  Anything is possible, an example is Ren and Stimpy.  Spring of 2003 it will be back on TV on TNN with a whole new season with former creator John K. 

Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!

Here is a funny picture of Rocko in his Underwear. This picture was sent in by VICIOUS.

The picture is from
which is a German Rocko Website.

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