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Contact Nickelodeon

This Page is for you.  Here I got a few address you can send letters to to tell Nick "NO CRAP!!" 


1515 Broadway
New York, NY  10036

212-258-7500- Phone Number!
Nickelodeon Studios-Florida
1000 Universal Studios Place
Orlando, FL  32819

407-363-8500- Phone Number
Nickelodeon Animation Studios
231 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA  91502

818-736-3000- Phone Number
Please use the Phone Numbers!!! I want to annoy the phone operators to death and the more people we have calling the better! Tell them "I WANT TO WATCH ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE" and Demand they get the show back on.  Make the operaters dread the noise of the phone ringing!!

This is all the contacts I have as of now, but if you know of anymore Nickelodeon phone numbers, Address, email, fax, and etc. just email me at