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Past news

Thursday June 12, 2003
Today we have hit a major wall in getting the return of RML.  Some "Pecker Head", as Paul "Bear" Byrant would say, (Im watching The Junction Boys on ESPN right now) is stuffing the ballot box with CatDog votes.  I cant stand for this.  Anybody knows that RML is a way better show than CatDog.  Im currently trying to figure out who this person is.  As of right now the vote is 0% Ahh Real Monsters, 2% RML, and 98% CatDog.  If you know who this person is I need you to e-mail me his e-mail address.
Monday May 19, 2003
Sorry I didnt post much last week, I was too busy voting and watching RML win!  This weekend also signaled the first victory in the RML War!  RML has been added the the Sunday lineup along with the Angery Beavers.  RML was shown 3 PM Sunday.  I just found out today so I missed it too, but it will be shown again next at 3 as well. 
RML won 4 times last week while losing 0!!!  RML killed every nicktoon it faced.  The lowest % that RML got was in the 70's, most Nicktoons dont score that high on a good day!! 
Monday May 12, 2003
RML is up for both U-pick and Head-to-Head for tomorrow.  I will have my computer set up and will be kickin' some other Nicktoon BUTT!!!!!!!!!  Join me and DL the Auto Clicker and leave your Computer on to Voting for RML!
Thursday May 8, 2003
Yesterday RML was picked again for U-Pick!  So far Rocko has won everytime except for one.  Also I have verified that the phone numbers are correct under the contacts section.  If you can call New York, NY, Orlando, or Burbanks, CA I would suggest you call Nick and Demand for Rocko.  Also if you have a cell phone with Nationwide calling (Thats what I do) I would call.  If you cant call, then write to them.  We need to Call them and annoy them so that they well eventually give in and play Rocko.  If you have the means of recording you calls to the computer, I would like it if you record the call and send it to me.  If they use foul language or other negitive behavior we can put it on the website and the public will be aware that Nick (the favorite channel for kids) dont know how to use manners!  
 Tuesday April 29, 2003
Today RML was selected again for U-Pick.  With 93% its got to rank up there as one of the biggest margin of victory.  I got a Idea how to ensure a RML victory every time and thats this software I downloaded.  With this program your mouse will keep clicking every second.  Thats 3,600 votes a hour!!  go to the downloads section to get your own "Auto Clicker"!
Tuesday April 22, 2003
Yesterday RML was selected again for U-pick.  They might have shown one of the best episodes there is.  The first one was Put to Pasture, followed by Future Schlock.  RML continues to beat the tar out of the competion on U-Pick; to my knowlege, RML has only losted one time.  Continue to log on to vote for RML.  Please e-mail me with your ideas about the site,  I love to see people e-mailing me about the site.  You can also give me suggestions for the website or whatever you want.
Wednesday April 16, 2003
Today Im going to start a new section on  I'd like to say we are being hosted by now so you can remember the URL its just:  Rocko was on U-Pick today reciving 67% of the vote.  go to to see who is up for U-Pick tomorrow.  I'd like to ask everyone (if your a true Rocko Fan) to visit a and do a Search for Rocko's Modern Life.  Visit other fan sites!