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Cast Biographies

Now lets meet some of the Characters that we have came to know over the years.  Everything from Grocery shopping to making a hit cartoon, these guys make every orninary chore into an exciting event.


Heffer (The Steer)

Heffer and Rocko are best friends.  Although they do get into fights every once in a while.  Heffer lives with his family the "Wolfs."  The Wolfs adopted Heffer when he was young but he didnt know he was adopted untill Rocko figured it out one day over for dinner.  Heffer ran away from home after hearing the news but came back once he found his real parents didnt want him. 


Filbert (the Turtle)

Filbert is the turtle.  Filbert has been involed in everything from Game Shows to Lounge Singing.  In this picture, Filberts and the guys are graving over the death of Filberts bird.  When Filbert had to go on a trip, Rocko and heff took care of the bird and of course, (like in all of these type of shows) the bird dies.